Happy Birthday, My Dear Brother

Valentine’s Day is the time for many to be with their significant others or spouses. But for me, it’s the birthday of my relentlessly joyful brother Andrew, whose drive for life and pursuit of happiness makes me proud to say I’m his big sister.

If you know Andrew Gullickson, you’ll probably always see him with a smile on his face and his blond hair slicked into a spike. He always has a goal he’s pursuing, and he’ll tell you what’s been new in its development. If you ask him about his passions, he’s mention his model-worthy wife Christa, who is my first-ever sister-in-law! And somewhere down the line, he’ll talk about his unending love for Star Wars.

Most importantly, Andrew’s success with his business inspires me to dream big. The other day, my dad told me how zealous Andrew was in his early teens about crying flying cars. Andrew would always say, “Dad, when are we going to make a flying car?” Years later, Andrew would start buying and flipping used cars as a hobby. In 2017, Andrew created his dealership, Royal Drive, which sells used cars to those who need them.

Andrew, this blog post only touches the surface of how grateful I am for you in my life. God bless you in your endeavors. God bless your marriage, business, and dreams. It only gets better from here.


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