Self-Help Isn’t Baloney

When my mom noticed that I was stressed about something the other day, she told me that, when the mind and spirit are at peace, the body reflects both parts, and vice versa. Without even asking me what was bothering me, she could tell by my body language and my face that I needed some encouragement.

Years of motherhood and wisdom has given her the savvy to detect emotions and vibes. She and my dad, having been together for 30 years this May, have applied themselves to learning more about the human psyche through the Holy Bible and through spiritual, psychological, and scientific self-help books.

One of my family’s favorite books is Switch On Your Brain, by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a communication pathologist and audiologist. On the subject of self-help, Leaf says that we are the masters of our own minds and domains, not random brain cells. If something bothers us in life, we—not anyone else—can change the circumstances in our environment. Leaf says, “Our perception of the environment plus how we manage our environment controls our bodies and lives…You become the master of your life instead of a victim” (65-66).

Since I currently live at home, I have 24/7 access to two of the best minds I trust. My parents, having raised me my whole life, never stop giving me advice or encouragements, especially when I ask for their opinions. Now as I grow older and embark on adventures such as my job, my creative writing, and my daily joys, I also have to remind myself of a quote my dad brought home from work once. The photo (seen below), featuring a cardinal on a winter’s pine branch, says “Gratitude changes everything.” Be blessed by this quote, my readers!


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