I’m Ditching New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, there’s the familiar pattern that people worldwide experience. It’s called New Year’s resolutions. After people cheer the jubilant “Happy New Year!” and yell the last ten seconds of the countdown, they begin to turn their minds to an imaginary list that some will achieve and others will forget. By the time the new year’s rhythms set in and people get busy with their lives, only a few achieve or begin to achieve their resolutions. Some abandon the idea of resolutions completely.

I’m definitely in the category of abandoning resolutions, but I hope my reasons will encourage you. When I was in my late teens or early twenties, I stopped writing them for the following reasons:

1. I did achieve them, but by working very hard.

2. I realized that one’s life should be consistent every year, regardless of resolutions.

3. Eventually, I found the task of writing resolutions redundant.

In my early teens, my New Year’s lists looked something like “I will exercise more,” “I will read the Bible for 30 min. a day,” “I will write more,” and so forth. I’m proud to say that I achieved these with great gusto. Now in my mid-twenties, my mind has turned to a powerful phrase which I hope will encourage you.

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Beautiful and Damned, the protagonist Anthony Patch is a young aristocrat who spirals into insanity because he waits for his grandfather’s inheritance year after year, during which time he does little to nothing with his time. His best friend Richard Caramel encourages him to pursue a career, something to take his mind off the inheritance and make his life meaningful. Richard says, “You do nothing, so nothing matters to you.” (My paraphrase.)

If you turn this statement into a positive perspective, you have a direction for your life. You can ask yourself, “What excites me most? What do I spend my time on most?” Fitzgerald’s statement hit me in the stomach when I reminded myself how little I was writing in the past two years. This year I’m determined to write more to fulfill my dream.

If you’re like me and you don’t write resolutions, please comment below on what you’re passionate about. If you do make resolutions, please share them! I’d love to hear from you, readers! Thank you for your thoughts.


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