Journalism: Do We Need to Stay Plugged Into News?

Courtesy of Flickr's Ian Burt; Original art by Roy Litchenstein
Courtesy of Flickr’s Ian Burt; Original art by Roy Litchenstein

Absolutely. But the gossip, the jargon, the pessimism—wouldn’t we rather turn off CNN or Fox News and flip to our favorite book or TV show? Certainly the drama of news may bore us, but in the realm of journalism and writing, keeping track of the news is vital for a writer’s life—actually for anyone’s life.

The fact is this: Our world is becoming more global than ever. People who speak of Ebola or ISIS are already informed on the world’s hottest topics, and those ignorant of these issues are sometimes looked down upon, even though the “ignorance of bliss” seems preferable to the hype of tragedy-driven news.

But I caution you: Don’t worry about the news. Let it inform you of what’s happening. Even if you don’t travel or see people from abroad, let it remind you of your blessings where you live. Sometimes global issues will help you when you meet people. You can relate to their issues and especially if you travel—or if you write journalism—you feel that you are connected with the world.

Perhaps you may pray for the world. Perhaps you are inspired by news for your stories. Perhaps you prefer to stay connected so that you don’t feel isolated. Whatever your reasons, stick to your convictions and never let any gossip filter your thoughts. News and media certainly have habits of sensationalizing topics such as disease, tragedies, murders, and trials, yet these are strategies that newscasters employ to create interaction among readers.

Let no one scare you into thinking that you’ll catch the next epidemic or that a high school’s shooting is going to happen in your hometown. But whatever you do, be informed and know what is going on and why things are happening the way they do.


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