State of the Blogger: Tired, Eager, & Full

My friend and now author Jackie Lea Sommers has published her debut novel. So proud of and excited for her! Be sure to check her on


So, it’s basically Friday. Or it will be in one hour. Which means that my book comes out in four days.

I’m better now. Happier. I saw my therapist, and that was just what I needed. She reminded me that there are certain things I said I couldn’t hold right now … but that I’d tried to pick back up anyway. I set them back down.

I’m tired. I can never seem to get enough done. Every night, by the time I’ve gotten everything I need to do out of the way and am ready to write, it’s bedtime. Right now, it’s an hour past bedtime, but I said screw it and stayed up to work on rearranging a few scenes in novel #2 based on thoughts I’ve had all evening. I think it’s going to work.

But every morning I’m exhausted. I just don’t understand how I’m supposed to…

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