“Comfort in Solace”

Published in Creative Communications, Inc., this poem was written for the Teen Writers’ Group at the Wescott Library in Eagan, Minn. Every week, we create stories or poems based on exercises our teen librarian gives us. This is a product of those exercises.


My parents were gone, and I was taken away

And placed in the orphanage, to my miserable dismay,

Yet I would often leave the building and quiet my thoughts

And escape the wretched place, to where I knew not;

I would run to the field, and there I would stop,

For I saw such wonderful beauty from beyond the hilltop.


The flowers I spotted from the golden plain

Gave me thoughts of gladness that flushed out my pain

Though I was full of sorrow at my going away,

I was content with staying here until the coming of my day;

The sunlight sparkled and shone unto my face

Breathing in the warm air, I basked in this solace.

The beauty of the brightness,

The freshness of the air—

These were my comforts that wiped out my despair.


Though I knew this was but a fantasy and a dream,

I gazed at the sun and its glorious sunbeam,

And I knew that I would return to this place

And breathe in the fresh air, and bask in this solace.


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