Introduction to Hannah J. Gullickson

I am a writer. I am a novelist, a journalist, and a poet. My life’s goal is to publish these works for all to see, so that children ten generations down the line will read my work as I have read others before.

My passion lies in the excitement of storytelling. Fiction, action, adventure–climbing mountains, searching for hidden treasure, uncovering mysteries of wrongfully accused victims–these are what drive my spirit and plunge me into the art of fiction and writing.

Yet I also write journalism. In the daily activities, I find news reels from Time or MSN and in my own community, I convey what is most important to my community’s members. Whether they be triathlon winnings or lectures on “professional savvy,” I write feature and opinion articles for my campus’ newspaper, The Column (now The Northwestern Examiner).

Finally, I write poems. Though rarely I pen a pantoum or ballad, I enjoy the rhythm evoked from poems. My earliest work was written in eleventh grade, whereby I published a poem “Comfort in Solace” that portrayed the yearning of an orphan girl for solace amidst the golden plains of her home. I enjoy the beauty of words and the sounds they evoke when they slide or scrape, growl or snarl, and when they capture the very essence of your passion.

My passion to write is my absolute joy, and I aim to continue it in all venues of writing I love, whether that be novels, articles, or ballads.


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